10 Reasons College Students Should Visit Their Local Library

Have you ever glanced up at the night sky and wished that you owned a telescope? Ever wondered where you could stream a live concert of one of your favorite artists? Your local libraries are here to help, and they offer so much more than just book borrowing. Public libraries provide local communities with a wealth of free resources and events for people of all ages.

FSU students enjoy themselves by interacting with members of the community during a Community Read book discussion.  PC: Eleni Demos

FSU students enjoy themselves by interacting with members of the community during a Community Read book discussion.

PC: Eleni Demos

Our library strives to advance literacy, inspire a love of reading, embrace diversity, ensure free and equal access to all programs and services, and facilitate the free exchange of ideas and information.
— Ann Finch, Leominster Public Library Special Services Coordinator

Did You Know?

Did you know that your local public libraries create many of their resources and services specifically with the college student demographic in mind? The Fitchburg and Leominster Public Libraries in particular offer many services to appeal to local college students. And the libraries are easily accessible—the Fitchburg Public Library is only about a fifteen-minute walk from the Fitchburg State campus, while the Leominster Public Library is a twelve-minute drive.

Here are 10 reasons why all college students should check out their local libraries.

Leominster Public Library PC:  Bradley Bedard

Leominster Public Library PC: Bradley Bedard

1. Books on Books on Books

Both the Fitchburg and Leominster Public Libraries offer a wide selection of books that can be checked out by anyone with a library card, so you can finally conquer that New Year's Resolution of reading more books!

2. Save Money on Textbooks

Many public libraries have various textbooks available for check out. When you’re headed to the bookstore next semester, don’t forget to stop at the library beforehand to see if you can find one of your books for free!

3. Education and History Majors Rejoice!

Marcia Ladd, Reference Librarian at the Fitchburg Public Library, says, “We have an incredible history collection. We also have a wonderful children's library, which is used frequently by students taking children's literature classes [and students majoring in Elementary Education].”


4. More Than Just Books

In addition to books, both libraries have a large collection of DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks available for borrowing. And if you are looking for a certain book or piece of media in particular, a librarian at either library can order it for you from other libraries throughout the state. 

5. They'll Take You On New Adventures!

Whether you just need help getting around town or want to visit a galaxy far away, the Fitchburg and Leominster Public Libraries have you covered. Both libraries have telescopes for residents to check out and use at home. The Fitchburg Public Library also loans out bikes to students who may need an easier way of getting around the city.

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6. Enjoy the Perks of the Library From Your Own Home

You must visit the library to sign up for a library card. However, once you do, you will have access to both libraries' vast array of electronic resources, which are free and available 24/7. These can be found on each library’s website and range from eBooks and academic research resources to movies, magazines, and music. The Fitchburg Public Library’s website even offers a service for streaming live concerts. Rocket Languages, a software that can be found on both libraries’ websites, contains lessons and activities for learning over fourteen different languages. 

7. Career Resources

The Fitchburg and Leominster Public Libraries want to help prepare you for that post-grad life. The Leominster Public Library’s website offers assistance in finding job listings and developing a resume. And the Fitchburg Public Library has specialized computer stations designed to help guests search and apply for jobs, along with a resume-building software. Librarians in Fitchburg are also available to help students begin or revise their resumes. 

8. A Quiet Place to Get Away

We all know that even the FSU library can get a little bit crowded and loud sometimes. At both Fitchburg and Leominster Public Libraries, all guests are welcome to use the free wifi and study rooms. Get your study on in a place that is distraction-free. 

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9. Fun Events Galore

If you’re looking for something fun (and free!) to do, both libraries regularly host exciting events. Popular events at the Leominster Public Library include Film Night for Grown-Ups and Game Night for Grown-Ups. Game Night, an after-hours program on Fridays, is especially popular among college students. Snacks, non-alcoholic “mocktails,” and board games are provided. 

The Leominster Public Library also hosts various educational talks, artistic programs, and concerts. And if you like reading young adult books, consider joining the library’s Ex-Teen Book Club, a group for non-young adults who still enjoy reading and discussing this genre of literature.

The Fitchburg Public Library’s popular events include a “coloring for adults” night on Tuesdays and a monthly book club meeting. The library also hosts special events featuring guest speakers.

10. Joining is Easy!

In order to take advantage of the libraries’ free services and events, college students must have a library card. You can obtain a free library card at both the Fitchburg and Leominster Public Libraries by providing a photo ID and proof of current residence in Massachusetts.

So don’t be shy! As Albert Einstein once said, "The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." Librarians at both the Fitchburg and Leominster Public Libraries are always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have!

Post written by Erin Leamy

For more information on any of the resources or events mentioned, please speak to a librarian at either library or call 978-829-1780 (Fitchburg) or 978-534-7522 (Leominster). You can also visit the libraries online to find electronic resources and event calendars at www.fitchburgpubliclibrary.org or www.leominsterlibrary.org. 

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